Unforgettably Fun Kansas City Wedding Receptions: Celebrating Drew & Ashley Hinrichs’ Happiness!

Drew and Ashley Hinrichs celebrated their happiness with a wedding ceremony and Kansas City wedding reception at the Boulevard Brewery in the crossroads of Kansas City, MO. It was an unforgettably fun evening as they were joined by over 150 of their closest friends and family. And, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment was invited to serve as their Wedding Entertainment Director and Kansas City wedding DJ.

One of the coolest things about Drew &  Ashley having their wedding ceremony and  at the Boulevard Brewery (other than the fact that it was at a brewery) was the amazing backdrop created by the skyline of downtown Kansas City. We’re just as anxious as Drew & Ashley to see the photos taken by The Parsons Photographers and the video shot by Reclaim Creative Video.

While we wait, we thought we’d share just a few of the not-so-professional pics and home-style videos we were able to grab at the evening’s festivities.

Every couple is unique. It is those unique traits that can be (should be) incorporated into a Kansas City wedding reception to create a signature celebration…one that is exclusive to that couple’s personality and style.

As their Kansas city wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment Director, helping Drew and Ashley discover those distinct qualities was easy and fun. Including those individual characteristics as a part of their one-of-a-kind Kansas City wedding reception was not only enjoyable for them…but will remain a lifelong memory for all.

One of the favorite surprises of their Kansas City wedding reception coincided with the cake cutting. Drew’s dad owns the franchise rights to Dairy Queen in Cass County, Missouri. As young men, Drew and his brother, Chris, worked in their father’s stores. That experience was a big part of Drew’s life. It was only natural to include his (and, of course, Ashley’s) love for Dairy Queen ice cream into their wedding day memories.

Once Drew & Ashley had cut their cake, the guests were told that “we need to pause for a moment for a word from our sponsor.” They were then instructed to watch the 2 video screens along the wall of the Boulevard Brewery ballroom. Their family and friends filled the room with laughter as they viewed one of the best and funniest Dairy Queen commercials ever produced along with a brief, vintage DQ slide show, accompanied by a Dairy Queen jingle.

At the conclusion of the video commercial, the guests went crazy as the servers entered the Boulevard Brewery ballroom with trays loaded with dozens of small, DQ cups filled with Dairy Queen ice cream for everyone.


To add to the excitement, Drew & Ashley also provided hot fudge and sprinkles.

New rule! Every Kansas City wedding receptionshould have Dairy Queen ice cream with all the fixin’s to serve along side the wedding cake.

You know those Kansas City wedding receptions you’ve been to where the Bride & Groom have their First Dance and nobody pays any attention? That didn’t happen at Drew and Ashley Hinrichs wedding celebration. No way! Their guests were so engaged in all of the fun of the evening that they couldn’t help themselves…they had to see what other special thing Drew & Ashley might have in store for them.

And, they weren’t disappointed as you’ll see in Drew & Ashley’s awesome First Dance video. They not only took a few dance lessons to make themselves comfortable on the dance floor and entertaining to watch, they also included a few words of love to each other throughout the song. Pay close attention to the reaction of their family and friends.

But, as much fun as the activities and formalities were, an unforgettably fun, Kansas City wedding reception has to include an awesome party with loads of dancing!  

We thank Drew & Ashley Hinrichs for allowing Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment to be a part of their Kansas City wedding reception as their Kansas City wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment Director.


UPDATE: June 17, 2011

Kansas City wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, is recognized for our work on Drew and Ashley Hinrichs’ wedding reception and ceremony in the summer, 2011, Perfect Wedding Guide, “Wedding Spotlight.” Read the details on our blog.

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