Fun Kansas City Wedding Reception: Scott & Nicole Gawer

Scott & Nicole Gawer celebrated their happiness on May 21, 2011, with a wedding reception at the Hampton Inn on the Country Club Plaza, 4600 Summit St., Kansas City, MO 64112. With a few more than 100 of their closest friends and family in attendance, the newlyweds filled their wedding reception with a number of fun activities that kept everyone engaged in the event from the moment they walked into the ballroom. Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment was honored to act as their Wedding Entertainment Director™, Master of Ceremonies and wedding DJ.

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Scott & Nicole chose to invite their guests to the buffet through “Table Songs.” Each table was named after a fun, easily recognizable song from the 60’s-90’s. When the guests heard their table song played, they were encouraged to dance their way to the buffet. This activity was not only a great way to keep some guests from standing in the buffet line for a long period of time, it was an entertaining way to kick off the evening’s festivities!

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As dinner progressed, the wedding reception fun continued with “A Kiss For A Kiss.” Whenever the guests “tinked” their glasses to get the Bride & Groom to kiss, the names of another couple in attendance was randomly selected to demonstrate, as creatively as they wished, how they wanted to see Scott & Nicole complete their kiss. No one could keep from laughing as they watched the newlyweds do their best to replicate the many kisses

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As Scott & Nicole’s family and friends completed their meals, the couple played a very special version of “The Newlywed Game.” The purpose of this fun activity was to see just how well the Bride & Groom really know each other. Special cards were placed on the tables in advance of the guests’ arrival, inviting everyone to submit questions for the game. As their Master of Ceremonies and wedding DJ, we selected the best and most entertaining questions to ask. It was to cool to hear the ballroom fill with laughter with every response from the newlyweds.

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According to Scott & Nicole, however, one of the favorite parts of their Kansas City wedding reception was the telling of their “Love Story,” written, produced and told only as Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment can present it. Through audio snippets obtained through a pre-recorded interview with the Bride & Groom, we guide the guests through the story of how the couple “came to be,” while allowing the best parts of the story to be conveyed in their own voices.  Scott & Nicole’s love story was so much fun to share, that we’ve included a brief, edited portion of it in the video slide show below. The narration was actually recorded live at their wedding reception. (Note: Hear their entire, unedited love story, during a personal entertainment consultation.)  

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Overall, it was an extraordinary Kansas City wedding reception filled with so much fun, laughter and memories, that Scott & Nicole’s friends & family were blown-away…almost literally! About an hour before their wedding reception was scheduled to end, tornado sirens and warnings forced the party to be put on hold as the guests were evacuated to the lower parking garage of the hotel for their safety. After a 20 minute delay and after danger had passed, the reception resumed without skipping a beat. Just one more exciting, wedding memory for Scott & Nicole!

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Hampton Inn Plaza Kansas City

Scott, Nicole and their family and friends were able to enjoy an unforgettably fun wedding reception because it was well planned and organized plus they had an incredibly devoted team of wedding professionals to assist them throughout the entire process. Kansas City’s Hampton Inn  on the Plaza is an awesome venue for small to 325 guests wedding receptions. Sales manager, Jessica Mumma, is an extremely knowledgeable and delightful wedding reception coordinator.  Contact Jessica for a tour of the venue by calling 816-448-4627 or emailing her at

The majority of the photos included in this article and in our video slide show of Scott & Nicole’s wedding reception were taken by the very talented and gifted photographic artist, Jaime Russell, of Digitalive Images. Jaime not only focuses (no pun intended) on moments to capture, she respects that every wedding is a singular event deserving of her added time and attention to help make it as incredible as it can be. Check out the rest of Scott & Nicole’s photos HERE. Contact Jaime at  816-914-2651 or

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