Fun Kansas City Wedding Tip: A “Glee-Ful” Wedding Entrance Dance – “Marry You” By Bruno Mars

Last evening’s “Glee” episode included a wedding entrance dance of a Bridal Party and Bride & Groom to the song “Marry You” (originally written & recorded by Bruno Mars*) as performed by the “Glee” cast. Yeah, I watched it. I heard the story had something to do with a wedding. So, as a Kansas City wedding[…]

Kansas City Wedding DJ Fun Tip: Tasteful Use Of Social Media At Your Wedding

In July, this Kansas City wedding DJ blog featured an article, “Don’t Be A Wedding Tweeting Twit,” that addressed what some Brides and Grooms consider to be a less than appropriate use of social media by guests at wedding ceremonies and wedding receptions.    As a wedding DJ in Kansas City and Wedding Entertainment Director™ that truly[…]

Kansas City Wedding DJ Spotlight: Modern 8 Films

I’m a Kansas City wedding DJ and Wedding Entertainment Director™ that not only loves performing at wedding receptions, but I can’t help getting excited when I find fun and original ideas that Brides & Grooms can use to give a new twist to the “typical” wedding and wedding celebration. Part of the joy of wedding planning is finding fresh ways to[…]