Dad Keeps Promise To “Construct” Daughter’s Wedding Gown

Erin Lucien Photo via San Francisco Chronicle You’ll love this heart-warming story of a father in California who told his little daughter that one day…he’d make her wedding dress. He’s Erin Lucien, a construction worker more familiar with hammers, not hemlines. But, little girls grow up and a promise is a promise. When the youngest of[…]

Vera Wang Introduces Black Bridal Wedding Gowns For 2012

“Here comes the Bride, all dressed in…black?” Designer, Vera Wang, is introducing a somber new trend in wedding dresses just in time for New York’s Bridal Fashion Week…black wedding gowns.  The gothic gowns shatter the tradition of the white wedding dress. They are pitch-black and are made from organza, tulle and lots of chiffon. Some have slight[…]