Top 25 Kansas City Wedding DJ Questions To Ask Before Price

Top 25 Wedding DJ Interview Questions To Ask BEFORE Price!

So you’re thinking about hiring a wedding DJ for your Kansas City wedding reception. You pick up the phone or send an email and inquire, “How much do you charge?” Seems like a reasonable first question, right? Not really! You see, when it comes to hiring a wedding DJ in Kansas City or anywhere, it’s[…]

How Big Should Your Dance Floor Be?

When you begin looking at locations for your wedding reception, make sure to take note of each space’s dance floor size. The size of the floor you should have is dependent on the number of guests attending your reception. You don’t want the floor to be too big to where it seems empty, or too[…]

What A Kansas City Wedding DJ Does Poster

Wonder What A Wedding DJ Really Does? Here’s A Glimpse!

Ever wonder what a skilled wedding DJ really does? Yes, we play music. But, behind the scenes the most proficient DJ professionals do far more. We assure the well-being of the couples who entrust us with their special day while remaining focused on a steadfast commitment to bring them an unforgettably fun wedding reception. My friend,[…]