Kansas City Wedding Etiquette | Sending A Proper “Thank You”

Writing thank you notes is the largest task for you to complete throughout the engagement and wedding process. Start keeping track of gifts early to prevent confusion on who gifted what. Also remember to write thank you notes to people who helped host showers, parties, and organize details. To prevent getting overwhelmed with the number[…]

Kansas City DJ, ron ruth Wedding Entertainment, believes "Best Day Of My Life" by American Authors is an upbeat option to the traditional, overplayed wedding first dance song or wedding entrance music at Kansas City wedding receptions.

New Wedding Music: “Best Day Of My Life” By American Authors

Looking for an upbeat wedding first dance song or wedding entrance music that not only expresses your happiness for marrying the love of your life but hasn’t been played to death at every other wedding reception? Then “Best Day Of My Life” by American Authors might just be the song for you. With “Best Day Of My Life,” released in early[…]

ABC 2020 Wedding Confidential Via Kansas city Wedding DJ, Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment

ABC’s 20/20 Airs “Wedding Confidential” Friday, January 18

For the past 3 years, I’ve attended the Wedding MBA in Vegas with about 2000 other wedding pro’s from across the country and around the world. The Wedding MBA is a wedding business owner’s conference that focuses on best business practices and exceeding Bride’s expectations. Sessions also include updates of the latest trends, fashions, colors, decor and[…]

Wedding MBA Logo

Ron Ruth Joins Wedding Industry’s Best At 2012 Wedding MBA

Last week and for the third consecutive year, I joined over 2000 wedding professionals at the 2012, Wedding MBA Conference  in Las Vegas, NV. Those professionals came from across the country and from around the world and they represented every segment of the wedding industry from wedding planners, photographers, DJs, florists, decorators, videographers, officiates, caterers, gown shop operators[…]

How Big Should Your Dance Floor Be?

When you begin looking at locations for your wedding reception, make sure to take note of each space’s dance floor size. The size of the floor you should have is dependent on the number of guests attending your reception. You don’t want the floor to be too big to where it seems empty, or too[…]

5 Essential Elements For An Extraordinary Kansas City Wedding Reception Part 3 Newlywed Or Shoe Game

The Shoe Game: Ask the Right Questions

The Shoe Game is a great activity for any reception. Newlyweds sit back to back, each taking off their shoes. By handing one of their shoes to the other, they each have one of their own shoe and one of their partner’s. The DJ then proceeds to ask questions where the answer is either the[…]

Wedding Music | Billboard Top 100, 2011 Charts

Wedding Music & Songs | Billboard Top 100 Music Chart 2011

Looking for the most popular wedding music & songs for your Kansas City wedding reception? Billboard has tallied its Top 100 Songs for 2011.  Wedding DJs in Kansas City, like Ron Ruth Wedding Entertainment, added many, if not all, of these songs to their wedding music & song playlists for wedding receptions this past year. A number of the[…]

Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant,” A Thanksgiving Classic

Happy Thanksgiving! Take a break today from the wedding planning and from figuring out where to seat Aunt Mildred at your wedding reception. Gather your friends and family around the PC, turn up the speakers and enjoy this classic, holiday favorite. “Alice’s Restaurant” is a musical monologue by singer-songwriter, Arlo Guthrie, released on his 1967 album Alice’s Restaurant. The[…]